Alyssa Palmer
Alyssa Palmer has been a Madison Police Officer since May of 2009. Alyssa became interested in Human
Remains Detection dogs while an intern with the City of Madison Police Department in 2007. Alyssa met
Carren during a ride along and began to assist in training up Bitty (Carren’s third HRD dog). Alyssa became a
field support with Canine Search Solutions in 2007 and continued to learn about HRD dogs. Alyssa grew up
with animals of all kinds and trained several dogs in obedience and confirmation as a teenager.

                            In February 2009, Alyssa acquired her first working partner, Kavik, a male German
                            Shepherd  Kavik who is out of K9 - Ferdo of the St Croix Tribal Police Department, whose
                            handler is Henry Bearheart.  Kavik obtained his first national cadaver certification through
                            NNDDA in March 2012. On their off time Alyssa and Kavik enjoyed hiking and practicing silly
                            pet tricks. Unfortunately on September 9, 2012, Kavik was lost during emergency
                            surgery and it was an extremely tough loss for Alyssa and many others who knew Kavik.

      His endless energy and joy for searching will be greatly missed.

In October 2012, thanks to a tip from Sue Vieth, Alyssa and Carren trekked down to IL to meet up with Pam
Wainstreet from a St. Louis area dog rescue that had a potential new working pup for Alyssa. After meeting
Hela at only 10 weeks old, it was obvious that Hela was returning back with Alyssa. Later, it was discovered
that Hela had been turned over to the rescue on the exact same date that Kavik had passed, which Alyssa
believes was not just a coincidence.

Hela is your typical high drive Belgian Malinois that loves her job and will go all day. Hela has received HRD
certifications with NNDDA since 2014 and has participated in numerous searches in WI, IL, and MI. Hela has
assisted in the recovery of 4 human bodies, and her indications have been used to obtain a search warrant in
Contact Information:
Phone:  608-212-3235
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