Dan Moldenhauer
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Radar is Dan's first SAR K9 and he has trained her to be dual purpose in live find, trailing and

Dan has been a police officer in Sauk Centre MN since 1997. In 2011 Dan started hiding for the
dogs of Central Lakes Search and Rescue (CLSAR).  In 2015 Dan joined CLSAR as a field
Tech.  In 2015 Carren Corcoran was instructing CLSAR on the Kocher method of training trailing
dogs, at this training Carren offered to find Dan a German Shepherd in rescue.  Early in 2017
Carren found a litter of puppies that had been turned over to Rettungs-Haus Shepherds.  Carren
chose Radar as the puppy best matching Dan's personality. She has never been more right.

Alyssa Palmer then took Radar in as a foster to evaluate Radar as a SAR dog prospect.  Alyssa
gave Radar a solid foundation and determined that Radar was a good candidate for SAR.  Two
weeks after getting Radar from Alyssa, Dan and Radar were in Carren's Kocher class.  Radar
easily took to trailing.  Early in 2018 Dan and Radar traveled back to Madison and Carren
started them in HRD training.  In late summer of 2018 Radar passed her NNDDA HRD
certification.  A month later Radar passed the NAPWDA Track certification. Dan has added K9
handler to his role with CLSAR
K9 Radar