Kathleen Kelsey
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Kathleen Kelsey has been a search and rescue K9 handler since 2003 and has
worked both live find and cadaver dogs. Kathleen has been a certified handler
with FEMA Missouri Task Force One as well as Mclean County EMA. Kathleen
brings years of experience having participated in approximately 25 searches all
over the United States.

Kathleen’s canine training initially specialized in live find disaster search with
her first partner, K9 Calvary (deceased), a male Dutch Shepherd. His career
encompassed many federal deployments, including responding to Hurricane

Following K9 Calvary’s retirement, she certified with K9 ChicoDog (deceased),
a male American Bulldog Mix, who was owned and trained by handler Sue
Vieth. Kathleen had the privilege of deploying on multiple federal deployments
with K9 ChicoDog, including to the EF5 Joplin Tornado.

Kathleen imported K9 Zach (retired), a male German Shepherd, to be her next
live find partner but he showed himself more suited for human remains
detection. K9 Zach was certified through FEMA and NAPWDA and deployed
throughout the Midwest. He retired in 2018 when his final certification expired.

Kathleen certified with K9 Phavor, a male Labrador Retriever, in live find
disaster response through FEMA. She placed K9 Phavor with another handler
who was in need of a partner while she focused on raising a puppy.

K9 Redden, a male Dutch Shepherd, was raised

and trained by Kathleen and certified in disaster
with IPWDA. During a training exercise, K9 Redden
was struck by a vehicle and killed. While he never
deployed, his legacy lives on in the K9 Redden
Memorial Disaster Dog Training Scholarship which
provides financial support for K9 handlers across
the country.

Kathleen is currently training K9 Oma, a female

Dutch Shepherd, whelped in 2017 who will certify
through FEMA and a national law enforcement
organization in 2019.