Wade Gummin
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Wade Gummin began his Law Enforcement career in 1991 with the Honolulu Police Department.
In 2004 Wade returned to his home state of Wisconsin and began with the City of Madison
Police Department. Wade’s interest in working dogs began while growing up on his family farm.
That interest progressed into training his first dog in obedience, showmanship, and constant
field companion as a teenager.

In 2007 Wade become involved with the Madison Police Department K9 Unit as a department
certified decoy. In 2014 Wade adopted Talia a female German Shepherd through ARF German
Shepherd Rescue. Talia had been evaluated as a potential MPD Patrol dog. Talia shows
incredible potential in detection however she did not display any defense drive needed for that
position. With the assistance of Carren Corcoran, Talia was begun in scent specific tracking
utilizing the Kocher Method. After attaining proficiency in man trailing it was decided to make
Talia a dual purpose dog and human remains detection was added to her resume. K9 Talia
obtained her NNDDA National Cadaver Certification in May of 2016.

Talia is also held near and dear to Carren’s heart as she is the mother of K9 Moxy- Carren's new
HRD dog.
Contact Information:
E-mail: wgummin@yahoo.com
Phone: 608-692-0531