Chris Boyd
Chris Boyd is a retired Madison Police Department (MPD) patrol
officer, K9 handler, trainer and K9 Unit supervisor. She has been
training and working service dogs since 1997.

Chris’s first working dog was, Arno, a high drive dual purpose dutch
Shepherd. They were assigned to the Dane County Drug Unit for
seven years. Arno was a very accomplished dog with personality
galore. He paved the way for the development of MPD’s Patrol K9 Unit.
Shortly after MPD’s patrol K9 Unit began, Arno passed away with
honors from local law enforcement agencies including the CIA, DCI,
FBI, and the Governor”s office.

Once initiated, MPD’s patrol K9 Unit began growing exponentially.
Chris was assigned S
ergeant of the Unit and obtained two police K9
trainer certifications. A few years later she became a man-trailing
instructor through INBTI. During that time she purchased, Casey, a
Dutch Shepherd pup, and ,Imus, a GS pup. Chris trained up Casey as
a certified drug detection dog and sold her to the UW Police
Department. Imus was trained and certified in man-trailing. He worked
with Chris trailing missing persons for MPD and conducting public
demonstrations. Once Chris retired, Imus became a certified therapy
dog working special needs children in Madison schools.

Prior to and since retirement, Chris has worked INBTI workshops as a
man-trailing instructor in the USA and overseas. In Germany, the
Bavarian Mountain Hound breed caught her eye. In 2017 she
purchased K9 Jake from Oakhill Kennels in South Carolina as a
puppy. Jake became a certified man-trailing and human remains
detection K9 by the age of two. He is a highly focused character who is
very independent and does not know the meaning of quit. Jake has
great endurance and works well in the heat. Chris and Jake are
honored to be a part of the Canine Search Solutions Team.
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Chris and K9 Jake
K9 Jake