Side Scan Sonar in Drowning Victim Searches - provides detailed information
that can assist in a challenging water recovery case.

Tomb Geophysics LLC - Specializing in 3D Geophysical Mapping,
Remote Sensing, and GIS Services for Cemetery, Cultural
Resource, and Forensic Investigations.

Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Missing and Exploited
Children & Adults - A valuable resource to consider for consult.

(Email link:) Leslie E. Eisenberg, Ph.D., Diplomate, American
Board of Forensic Anthropology, is available for consult via email.

American Board of Forensic Odontology  will provide
information on Forensic Dentistry.  For consult or questions
contact Donald O Simley II, D.D.S. Forensic Dentistry at
(608) 249-6616.

City of Madison Police Department K9 Unit

Brookings County K9 Search and Rescue - A South Dakota based non-profit
team dedicated to assisting law enforcement in the search for missing people.

Emergency Support Services  -  ESS provides volunteer services and assistance to
Federal, State, County, and local agencies that need assistance in search and rescue
operations and logistics.

Central Lakes Search and Rescue

Search, Rescue & Recovery Resources of Minnesota
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