Sharolyn Sievert
Sharolyn Sievert joined Central Lakes Search and Rescue (see Links page) in 2003 and certified her first dog in
2005.  Since that time, she has certified five K-9’s in multiple SAR disciplines.  Sharolyn carries certifications in
several areas of Search and Rescue beyond her K-9 work, including being a certified Minnesota Emergency
Manager.  Additionally, she is an American Heart / American Red Cross instructor, and PetTech instructor (pet
care / CPR).  Sharolyn also is a Search Management  and Search Skills & Protocols instructor.

K-9 Levia specializes in advanced man-tracking, receiving her first certification with Alliance of Emergency
Response Instructors & Examiners (AERIE) at 16 months of age.  Levia added to her certifications with water
HRD/recovery through Canine Search Solutions (CSS), who also requalified her for Tracking.  She was donated to
Sharolyn by Azize’s Rhodesian Ridgebacks as her breeders wanted her to do something special with her life, and
as Levia has been instrumental in assisting to bring home the missing, she has done that.

K-9 Rafah came to Sharolyn through Rettung-Haus Shepherd Rescue, who rescued him just before his time ran
out at a shelter in Illinois.  Rafah took to Search and Rescue training like a duck to water – nothing seems to faze
him, he throws himself into everything he does.  Although he came in undernourished and abused, within nine
months, he earned his first certification for Scent Specific Area Search with AERIE, and followed that with land and
water recovery certification four months later with CSS.  He recently turned two years old, so he has many years of
search work ahead of him!

                                K-9 Jael was donated to Sharolyn in 2009 by a breeder in Connecticut to train for SAR.
                                She certified with Law Enforcement Training Specialists (LETS Int’l) for land cadaver
                                2010, and a month later, she repeated with a North American Police Work Dog Assoc
                                (NAPWDA) cadaver certification.  Unfortunately K-9 Jael was lost in 2017 due to traumatic
                                brain injury sustained during a search.

                                K-9 Ariel is Sharolyn’s first SAR dog.  He certified for Scent Specific Area Search in 2005,
                                land cadaver in 2006 and added water recovery in 2007.  Over the years Ari has responded
                                to searches across the Upper Midwest until his retirement in 2013 at the age of 11.  K-9 Ari
                                was awarded the MVMA’s 2013 Professional Animal of the Year, which was a wonderful way
                                to celebrate his years of search and rescue service.

                                K-9 Gus was adopted from HART Humane Society in Brainerd, MN in 2005.  Gus was
                                certified through multiple organizations for both land and water recovery and while his heart
                                wanted to continue in search, in 2011 physical issues took him from us at the age of 6. In
                                those few short years however he deployed on over 30 searches and made friends all over
                                the upper Midwest with his buoyant attitude and joy of life.  
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